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Letter from J M Barrie to Mrs Oliver

It is not so good in London as at Edgerston though it is quieter. No swarms of people at tea for instance. In fact it is rather a desert island. I see there has been a "cruise" to Robinson Crusoe's island and that it is alleged they went to the wrong island. I believe Defoe was thinking of London when he chose his island. ... The express is the most beautifully fitted train I have ever seen, but it was taking me in the wrong direction. The only person in my carriage was a terrific swell about seed potatoes. He introduced himself by showing me his advertisement in the Scotsman, and we talked about seed potatoes for many hours. Next to him I am now the greatest living authority on seed potatoes. I don't mean that he tired me, he made it most interesting, and I see now that seed potatoes are more important than Ottawa.