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Babies Pantomime ["The Greedy Dwarf"]
1) Really Peter was the hero (not his mother). He youngest by day but terrifies brothers by night with tales - we adapt his tales.
2) That's my mother - she's 34. [Comment by Jack Ll. D.] 3) Do you remember my mother?
4) Sea of faces - mouths open
5) When dressed go into hiding.
6) Fear of Atkins. [Parlourmaid at 133 Gloucester Rd]
7) Listening to children on stairs. "Is my hair tidy" &c. 8) Rage of Peter [because] portrait [on programme] shows him in petticoats.
9) Policeman frightened to go down.
11) Cat's contempt. - Dog's interest - Dog exhausted & lying on sofa - trembling when curtain abt to go up.
12) Children gazed intently - never smiled.
13) Their polite congratulations.
15) Prince rushing across footlights to Peter [because] thinks he has hurt himself - her terror that her boy's father is doing their hair (pinafores) wrongly.
17) Mason, the notorious author.
18) It was an accident (Peter & Michael)
19) Result of pantomime tht after it if anything surprising said I want to fall down.