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The remainder of the notebook contains titles of articles with dates, all 1888 & 1889. Includes `A Home for Geniuses', `Is a Married Life Possible on 200 a Year?', `My Smile', `My Cupboard Skeleton', `Australian Cricketers', `Schoolboy', `The Power of Beauty', `My Tobacco Pouch', `My Umbrella', &c (all dates = publication in the St. James's Gazette.)
The original notenbook is in the Walter Beinecke Collection @ Yale University, and it was they who kindly microfilmed all Barrie's notebooks for me. Copies from "my" negatives can be bought direct from Yale. Any discrepancies between my readings and others will be gratefully entertained.
For details about the copyright in these notes, see the Copyright Page. Technically they remain in copyright until 2007... or, in the case of those notes that might be said to form part of Barrie's "Peter Pan Gift" to Great Ormond Street Hospital, for ever. That said, anyone is free to quote from these notebooks as far as I'm concerned. I suppose there's a certain inherent copyright in my transcription, but who cares. However, an acknowledgement (or link) to this website would be much appreciated.