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June 1905

Michael Llewelyn Davies and J M Barrie at Black Lake in June 1905. This is one of several images from Pee's missing album. Pee was Peter's widow, who developed Hunter's Chorea - hence her shaky handwriting and erratic scissoring. After Pee's death the album passed to her son Rivvy, who lent it to me for 24 hours in 1976. At that stage I had not planned on writing a biography, and simply rephotographed the images with my 35mm Pentax, then returned the album to Rivvy. When, two years later, the book was under way and I tried to retrace the album in order to make professional copies, it had mysteriously disappeared and has never resurfaced since. Rivvy was vague on the point, believing that one of his other two brothers - George or Peter Jnr - might have borrowed it. Rivvy, George and Peter have all subsequently died childless (a tragedy in itself), and the chances of Pee's album resurfacing seem slim. My 35mm negatives are thus all that remain.