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12 February 1976

Extract from a letter from Nico Llewelyn Davies to Andrew Birkin, 12 February 1976

[...] Yes, I suppose one has to regard Michael as the most "intellectual", I suppose the best all-rounder too as he was very good at all games (even though I was the only one to get the lot at Eton!) All pretty good, except Peter who would have been pretty good himself if he hadn't tried too hard to be left-handed, which George was naturally. My rating for intellect would be: Michael, Peter, George, Nico, Jack: for normalcy would be George, Nico, Jack, Michael, Peter: musically, Nico, Jack, George, Michael, Peter. Fun to be with - dead level! And, as I said before, heaven knows how different we all would have been if our parents had lived and the little wizard of Thrums had ganged awa'! [...]