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23 March 1976

Extracts from a letter from Nico Llewelyn Davies to Andrew Birkin, 23 March 1976

[...] Seeing you occasionally put lines from Peter Pan into one of the boys' mouths, it's conceivable you could make use of this: always used to delight me in the first Nursery scene (probably cut out nowadays!), page 38 in the Hodder version of the play: following page 35 where the cocky Peter has tumbled John out of bed (where he blissfully sleeps on): Wendy rushes to wake John as they are going to be taught how to fly.

Wendy: John, wake up - there's a boy here who is to teach us to fly.

John: Is there? Then I shall get up. (He raises his head from the floor). Hello, I am up.

These last eight words were originally said by Jack! [...]