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Boothby castigating Rupert Buxton, who drowned with Michael at Oxford. Nico didn’t agree with a word Boothby said, and the obituary for Buxton in The Harrovian (in the database) paints a very different portrait to the one presented here by Boothby.

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Um me and Barrie were great friends with this fellow Buxton. I didn't like him. And I said to my good dog. And he said, what's wrong with you? Why don't you like you like my new friend Rupert Buxton? And I said, the answer to that is doom. I have a feeling of doom. I felt doom about Rupert Buxton. And what happened that day in Sandford Lock, I shall never know. Because I think Rupert had a suicidal streak about him. He was a good swimmer. Michael was useless. Whether Michael started drowning and Rupert tried to save him --- whether he suddenly had a fit of feeling. That will remain a mystery until the end. I didn't like Buxton. I thought he was morbid. He was dark, gloomy, I didn't like him. I thought it might have been a mutual pact of suicide, that they both decided. It was the Buxton influence that would end him.

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