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Nico rattling off the cast list of stars surrounding Barrie on the roof of the Colliseum in 1916 for a charity performance of "The Admirable Crichton" - see the Etcetera (&c) home page, or search for "Colliseum 1916" in the database for a key.

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This is an absolutely marvelous picture. That's Barrie reading, I think it's The Admirable Crichton. After a command performance. All of the famous people of the time there, from Bernard Shaw to Ortry. All the actors and actresses of that date. It's down here. Shaw, Charles Otry, Arthur Badger, Dennis Edie, beautiful Lydie Elsie, Ellen Terry, Joshua Form Robertston, Gladys Cooper, Barrie, Gerald du Maurier, Edwin Gwen, Ian Braithwaite, Gwen Webster, George Alexander...they're all there, the whole damn lot. It's a splendid picture.

Post Date - 13 Mar 2020 18:37 | Report
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