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Arthur's notes in his own handwriting


Mon. Feb. 25, evening. (His 44th birthday) [AB: Actually Feb 20th was his birthday]

Yesterday aftn. and evg. rather poorly. This morning my own genl. feeling decidedly better; for the first time I have in myself a definite feeling of a possibility of getting better.

Of course this rests on different grounds from Mackenzie’s views.

Don’t repeat this – esply. my statemt. that it is for the first time.

Better on waking this morning – will explain later.

Is ‘Can you Forgive’, vol. 2, here?

Billiard table fine.

Hurrah for Rustington and Fortingal.


Are they arranging for birth of baby* in same month as for removal?

Go out – soon.

Get in – ?

Baby born – end of April.

Does Gerald work at removals?


[* I take this to refer to the forthcoming birth of Daphne du Maurier (born 13 May 1907).]


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