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Arthur's notes to his sister Margaret

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Arthur's notes to his sister Margaret, from Peter's Morgue:

(Note in Margaret Ll.D.’s writing: no date, but probably late November or early December 1906.)**

Talk with me (Marg't)

About the nurse, and how well she would do.
Thanked me for going to Peter Pan – & said it would be dreadful if the children lost their pleasures.
How my cold was. (He always asks about it, & thought it must be hard to “help” with it) - had had a much more comfortable day – he felt there was hope – McBride said it was no bigger over the brow, which was all that mattered - hoped I always talked to Sylvia as if there were hope – it is a great strain on all her nature.
I’m sure you do.
Good night, my Margaret - your help is invaluable - I don’t know what we shd have done without you.
Good night

[Peter's comments:]

I don’t believe Sylvia had any more hope than Margaret: the talks together must have been excruciatingly difficult for each of them: Sylvia reticent, Margaret just the reverse – and what was there either of them could say?

[AB: **Peter Pan’s 3rd revival opened on December 18th 1906, so I would think the above notes were written around the 19th or 20th, rather than "late November or early December".]


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