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Barrie's royalty Agreement with Jack

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Barrie's royalty Agreement with Jack, dated 3 December 1903. Jack was stuffing cream cakes at tea when Sylvia - or more probably Mary Hodgson - warned him, "You'll be sick tomorrow," to which Jack replied cheerily, "I'll be sick tonight."

Barrie used the exchange in “Little Mary” (1903), in which Nina Boucicault played Moira:

CHILD (popping up). Mother, could I have just one more chocolate?
MOIRA (severely — rising). Certainly not.
LORD CARLTON (rises). Oh, yes, let him have one. Here, Billy, catch! Catch! (Goes and flings up chocolate, which BILLY immediately puts in his mouth.)
MOIRA. You will be sick to-morrow, Billy.
CHILD (with conviction). I shall be sick to-night.


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