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Margaret's notes on her conversations with Arthur,

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[Margaret's notes on her conversations with Arthur, 5 December 1906:]

Dec. 5.

About Peter going to Kirkby as well.

About morphia & the trypsin – the nightly morphia was something to look forward to.

Kindness of neighbours – Maclehoses and Dolly Thursfield.

It’s been very hard on you.

Did I think the boys had a horror of a sick room? He remembered he had. George understands pretty well how serious it is. He does not know what to say & does not like to say nothing, but I expect he knows I understand. He is very understandable.

I don’t know when I shall see you again. That wd be very nice.

[Peter's comment:]

Trypsin is defined in a dictionary as: a ferment in the gastric juice that converts proteins into peptones.


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