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Margaret's notes on her conversations with Arthur,

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[From Peter's Morgue:]

(In Margaret Ll.D.’s writing – December 1906)

You ought to be in bed.
Good night, my Margaret – you are very kind to us. [Crossed out: It's a great thing for us to have you.]I was just explaining to Sylvia that why I sit so silent isn’t because I’m gloomy, but because it’s an effort to work my jaw.

As H. Said. “Your giant hand of help.”
I’m quite happy - This last 6 months has been the happiest of my life - I’ve received so much kindness.

I’m afraid your cold must have made it difficult to help. You saw H.M. I hope we shall have a nurse tomorrow. I am sure it is (best).
(You don’t know what you are doing for us) - Bless my bones.


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