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Throned on a Cliff

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28 August 1920

Throned on a Cliff

Michael Llewelyn Davies

Peter's transcription of one of Michael's poems, written (by Michael) while on holiday on the small Scottish island of Eilean Shona in August 1920. When Peter transcribed it is unclear, probably after Michael's death in May 1921 as he wasn't on the Eilean Shona holiday. It is written on a sheet of Barrie's "Truslove & Hanson" watermarked writing paper, so perhaps he was with JMB at the time, possibly helping him with his Rectoral Address "Courage", delivered in May 1922, in which Barrie recited the poem; but more probably for his own benefit ...

The page was sent to me, along with Barrie's transcription of "Island of Sleep", by Ben Scott, who wrote to me in 2016:

"I am a bookdealer based in London, and recengtly acquired a job lot of titles from a house clearance. Amongst these I found a copy of J M Synge's plays which was presented to Peter Llewelyn Davies on leaving Eton. Inside this were two manuscripts dated 1920 from Eilean Chona ..."

Serendipidy indeed! Thanks so very much Ben for sending me the originals for safe keeping ...


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