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Andrew/Nico to Nico/Andrew - 1975


Letters between Andrew Birkin and Nico Llewelyn Davies, October-December 1975.

I am gradually uploading my complete exchange of letters with Nico, rather than extract highlights, partly out of laziness, and partly because it chronicles one of the great entanglements of my life. My fantastic co-researcher/explorer Sharon Goode also engaged Nico in an immense correspondence, more or less parallel with my own, and Dear Brutus has kindly edited it with Sharon's approval; I'l; upload these by and by as they make a counterpoint to my own; moreover they contain anecdotes from Nico that he rightly assumed she would pass on to me, and therefore didn't want to repeat himself, although of course he often did.

I've skimmed but not re-read most of these letters, life being somewhat short at my age, so I apologise for the many tedious meanderings they may contain on my part, never on Nico's.

Dearest Nico, what a treasure you were - and still are to anyone interested in this extraordinary story...


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