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Arthur Llewelyn Davies to Harriet Enfield - 1906


Letter from Arthur to his Aunt Harriet (Enfield), 3 June 1906


June 3, 1906
Egerton House, Berkhamsted

Dear Aunt Harriet,
You may perhaps have heard of the trouble that has come on us. I have to undergo a very serious operation in the face on Thursday or Friday. There will be some immediate risk (but not much) and a long recovery, and at the end I shall be to some extent crippled in utterance. Here is a burden for us all to bear. Sylvia is very brave and infinitely kind. My own feeling is that I have had 43 years of very great happiness and whatever happens now I shall have no ground to complain of life. I am sure we shall have your sympathy. You shall have early news of the result.
Yours affectionately
A.Ll. Davies

Peter's comment:

This letter was with those that eventually came to me from Margaret Ll.D. I don’t know enough about Aunt Harriet to be able to say whether she was particularly close to Arthur or whether he wrote as well to various other relatives.
Nor can I say whether it was written from the nursing home or whether he had been allowed to get up and go home. The next letter appears to have been written from home.


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