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Arthur Llewelyn Davies to Jack Llewelyn Davies - 1


Letter from Arthur to Jack (aged 11), 12 June 1906.

[No original available]


12, Beaumont Street, W.
June 12, 1906.

My dearest Jack,
I think my next letter must be to you, but you must tell Peter and Michael that I do not forget that I owe them letters in return for two each from them.
All the letters written to me by my boys have been very good ones, and very welcome to me as I lie here. It is fine to think that you are having such a good time, with first Aunt Margaret and then Miss May to look after you. I always remember how much Miss May helped you and how jolly she was when she came to Tilford long ago. Please give her my respectful compliments.
I have been imagining you playing cricket in the field this afternoon – not such a fine day as a week ago when I watched you make a big hit to the boundary. I hope you will play carefully and get lots of runs in the great Sibden match.
Perhaps next Saturday evening George will come to London with Mother, and pay me a visit on Sunday. I should like to see you, too, but you must stay for the old Choir and the new TROWSERS.
My love to all my boys, not forgetting Nicko,
Your affectionate father.

Peter's comments:

One can see the good influence of Margaret LD, as well as Mary Hodgson, in the “two each” from Peter and Michael.
It is curious, but I have almost utterly forgotten Miss May. Jack will remember her no doubt.
Sibden was one of the two Junior boarding houses at Berkhamsted, against whom Jack would be playing for the Junior Day Bugs.
Jack was the only one of us (until Nico developed later) who has a voice and musical talent, hence the choir. The “trowsers” were presumably his first pair.


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