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Arthur Llewelyn Davies to Jack Llewelyn Davies - 1

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Letter from Arthur to Jack, 25 June 1906

[No original available, other than the envelope and photographs]


12, Beaumont Street,
June 24, 1906.

My dear Jack,
I think I have never written to thank you for your last letter and the four very good photographs. But for the last few days I have been seedy and not able to write. I liked all the photographs very much, Michael in his motor car, and Nicko in his carriage, but especially the corner of the nursery.
I am really beginning to get better now at last, and Mother and I hope very much to be able to get back to our dear home and our boys this week. I shall be rather an invalid, and not able to talk at all well, and you will all have to be very kind and patient to me all through this summer.
Have you heard that Granny has very kindly offered to take a house for us at Rustington for the holidays? It will be fun if we are able to get one, and have lots of bathing and bicycling and walking.
I rather hope that tomorrow there may be lots of letters for me from my boys, giving me all the news of Egerton House and its inhabitants. It must have been disappointing for you not to go to Felden with the others, but I hope the solo partly made up for it.
Give my love to everybody including Aunt Margaret.
Your affectionate Father.

Peter's comments:

It came as news to me that the last Rustington holiday at Cudlow House was paid for by Emma du M. No doubt the financial position was already only to clear, what with surgeons’ and doctors’ and nursing-home fees; though JMB was evidently shouldering a large part of it.

[AB: Felden = Sylvia's sister Trixie's home, near Boxmoor]


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