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Arthur Llewelyn Davies to Margaret Llewelyn Davies


Letter from Arthur to his sister Margaret, 16 June 1906

[No original available]


12, Beaumont Street
June 16, 1906

Dearest Margaret,
Your long and admirable letters have been most welcome to me every morning, telling me just what I like to hear. You have indeed been an angel of help to us this week, and have done everything to make things possible for us.
I continue to progress favourably. All the dressing and stitches have been removed (without pain) from my face, but all the left side above the mouth is practically paralysed for the time, which is awkward for eating, speaking, etc. I have been sitting up a good deal today, and actually had a walk along the passage as far as the door of the operating room. Tomorrow if it is fine I am going out for a drive in a motor car.
Sylvia has gone to Berkhamsted this afternoon to help celebrate Michael’s birthday. Crompton has most kindly been sitting with me for a long time, but he fails almost altogether to understand my queer utterances. Various friends have kindly come to see me.
You probably know that the little gland operation has been put off till Thursday. Probably we shall get back home about a week later.
Yours affectly

Peter's comments:

The next day, Sunday, George went to see Arthur, perhaps travelling up to London with Sylvia after Michael’s birthday tea party and staying with her at Grannie’s flat. He evidently put in a visit to the zoo while he was up.


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