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Arthur Llewelyn Davies to Margaret Llewelyn Davies


Letter from Arthur to Margaret, 27 June 1906

[No original available]


12, Beaumont Street, W.
June 27, 1906.

Dearest Margaret,
Just a line before my dinner to say how immensely we value all you have done – your kindness to the boys and also your splendid long letters which have been the greatest pleasure to me.
We shall come tomorrow in the afternoon, motoring if it is fine, with Jimmy (who has become one of your warmest admirers). You may expect us about 4 or soon after. I am highly convalescent and in good general health and able to talk a little better. I am rather handicapped about eating, since my mouth will not open properly yet, and there are regrettable gaps in the remaining upper jaw. Still by slow perseverance I get through very large quantities of victuals.
We shall be very glad indeed to get home again. I think Sylvia needs it even more than I. She has not got over all the strain of the last three weeks.
We had a motor drive this afternoon, all about Regent’s Park, and have had plenty of visitors all day.
Yours affectly


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