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Arthur Llewelyn Davies to Margaret Llewelyn Davies


Letter from Arthur to his sister Margaret, 5 July 1906

[No original available]


Egerton House, Berkhamsted.
July 5, 1906.

Dearest Margaret,
I had a very favourable interview with Farmer, the dental expert, this morning. He is going to set to work at once on the plate, and will combine with it something to support the eye. Apparently the whole thing will be completed and fitted in this month – much sooner than I expected. Farmer did not cause me the slightest inconvenience. He is very confident about the ultimate effects. I also saw Roughton, who is perfectly satisfied, and says that the dressing on my neck may now be left to come off of itself. Also Rendel, who contemplates my general health with approval. I can now walk a mile or more with ease. Yesterday S. and I watched a cricket match in the same corner of the field where we sat a month ago – this time with more cheerful prospects.
All that you did for the boys during the last few weeks would have been splendid even if it had not come at a time of trouble and difficulty. As it is, it is impossible to express the value of your help to us all. We manage perfectly well now by our own unaided efforts. But at any time in the near or far future you will be most welcome to everybody here.
Yours affectly,


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