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Arthur Llewelyn Davies to Margaret Llewelyn Davies


Postcard from Arthur to his sister Margaret, 14 January 1907

[No original available]


Monday, Jan. 14, 1907.

I have had a decidedly more comfortable day today, but at the price of a good deal of morphia, at 9 p.m. yesterday and 11 a.m. today. Now I am settled and comfortable for the night. Good night. We shall be very glad to see you whenever you can come.
Give my thanks to my dear boys for all their good letters.

[Peter's comments:]

This postcard is the last communication written by Arthur in ink which I have; by now he was completely bedridden, and with a nurse in attendance. J.M.B. once told me that he was present in the drawing room at Egerton House when Arthur, after a last look round, went with Sylvia through into the dining room and so upstairs, knowing, and Sylvia knowing also, that he would never come down again alive.

The few of his letters which remain are in pencil, and written less clearly. There are also a number of little pieces of paper on which he wrote down his thoughts and his part in conversations, mostly with J.M.B. Some are dated, but most not; I will try to get them in at any rate approximately the right order.

Evidently some of us had gone to K.L. for a part of the Christmas holidays.


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