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Arthur Llewelyn Davies to Margaret Llewelyn Davies


Letter from Arthur to his sister Margaret, 4 April 1907


Egerton House, Berkhamsted.
April 4, 1907.

Dearest Margaret,
A short note in answer to your very kind letters. We were very sorry you were so unlucky as to miss your train, especially as it was partly our fault that we did not make sure of the omnibus at our public. But if you were not in a great hurry, I do not altogether pity you the comfortable Midland journey and the afternoon cross-England journey, and above all the ex-Arkholme drive in the evening.
We were alone for Monday evening to yesterday (Wednesday) evening, when Crompton came down to dinner, and Jimmy rejoined us later, having enjoyed himself in Dublin with Frohman and enjoyed his journey. He not only had good weather on the sea crossing, but also he very much appreciated the railway journey yesterday afternoon along the coast of N. Wales, past Penmaenmawr and Colwyn Bay, where we stayed in 1875 and 1873. He is now staying with us for a week or so, while Mrs B. is in France with a lady friend.
The school holidays begin next Thursday (I think). There is some doubt whether Miss May can go with them to Ramsgate, and if so there is some doubt whether we shall not alter our plans. Mrs du M. and Mary [Hodgson] can hardly tackle them all. Mary has suddenly left us for Morecambe for a short holiday, but will be back on Sunday or Monday, but we never enquire into the reasons for such moves.
I have been much as usual since you left us, not perhaps much stronger, but better and more comfortable, rather than less so. The Nurse has been very kind and faithful, more so than you believe, and McBride has done all that is possible. His assistant, Dr. Harvey, did the dressing this afternoon in his absence, and he is very skilful, the better of the two. I am now waiting for morphia and sleep. Good night, and my love to you and my dear Father.


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