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Arthur Llewelyn Davies to Mary Llewelyn Davies - 1


Letter from Arthur Llewelyn Davies to his mother Mary, September 1891

[No original available]


Gracedieu Manor, Leicester.
Monday. [Sept. 1891]

Dearest Mother,
I feel grieved and penitent at not having written for yesterday to send good wishes for the anniversary. The more so as I shall not after all see you this week or at present. I am fixed to go to Marlborough on Friday. It will be a good enough holiday. I am proposing to put up with Augustus (Beesly). Taking the money into account I don't mind going.
We are enjoying our visit here and have had beautiful weather till today. A few other visitors — Miss Macdonald and a philanthropist called Llewellyn Smith, and Susan Lushington comes today.
It will be a relief to you not to have the Christmas hustle repeated this week, but I am sorry to have to postpone again my long-deferred visit to Kirkby. It seems as if I shall never again roll the lawn or plunge in Job's dub or rise reluctant for the early Arcum. Perhaps you will be in London some time in the autumn.
Your affect. son,

Peter's comments:

Gracedieu: see earlier comment.
Susan Lushington was connected with the Fitzjames Stephens.
Job's dub: a favourite pool for bathing in the River Lune. It was here that Theodore LLD was drowned in 1905, having, I believe, struck a submerged rock with his head when diving.
Early Arcum: Arkholme, some miles from K.L., where an early connection could be got with the London expresses.


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