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Arthur Llewelyn Davies to Mary Llewelyn Davies - 1


Letter from Arthur Llewelyn Davies to his mother Mary, 14 March 1892

[No original available]


3, Harcourt Buildings,
Temple, E.C.
March 14 [1892]

Dearest Mother,
Many thanks for your kind letter. I incline to think it wd. be better to wait till September, but will see what Sylvia says. At present she is rather in favour of June. Perhaps it wd. be advisable to get the thing done and not have it hanging on any longer. It wd. be better for my work, and perhaps for hers also. Perhaps not.
I am sure she wd. be prepared to drop the dressmaking gradually or entirely if necessary. Perhaps the distraction of work wd. be good for pre-matrimonial nerves. Afterwards it wd. be something not to have the daily journey to and from Hampstead. I am rather discouraging the early date, but without definite conviction. May 14 is time enough to decide, so far as banns go, but unless I give notice before March 25 (for June) I am saddled with my rooms till September.
Your affect. son,

Peter's comments:

This rather prosaic note, with its (to me at least) undertone of exasperation, as if he felt the whole world was conspiring to make the longed-for marriage impossible, is the last letter of his which I have dating from before the wedding, which eventually took place in none of the months suggested, but on August 15 [1892].


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