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Edward Crompton to Arthur Llewelyn Davies - 1890


Letter from Edward Crompton to his nephew Arthur, 31 March 1890.

[No original available]


13, Lorne Road, Birkenhead.

Dear Arthur,
I have just returned home or should have written to you sooner offering my congratulations on your engagement.
I saw Maurice today and he told me you were coming to L'pool and I sent a message by him, but as the memories of these young men are apt to be flighty, he will probably have forgotten all about it.
So I write now to give you from your Aunt and myself our very best wishes to you and your future wife in every respect - prosperity, happiness and long life to enjoy them in.
Will you please convey to Miss du Maurier our great appreciation of the relationship soon to be established, and tell her how much we look forward to making her acquaintance and, I hope, friendship.
I thought of asking Maurice to try and persuade you to come with him and dine here tonight, but I thought perhaps you would sooner be with him alone, as no doubt you will have plenty to discuss.
We hope to see you soon very much.
Your affectionate uncle,
Edward Crompton

Edward Crompton, as I have mentioned elsewhere, was the only Crompton of that generation I never met. Why he lived in Birkenhead, I don't know: perhaps he was in the Booth Line.
Evidently Arthur, Sylvia having refused to accompany him to K.L., had gone to stay a night with Maurice on his way there.


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