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Emma du Maurier to May du Maurier - 1906

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Letter from Emma du Maurier to her daughter May Coles, 26 November 1906

[Not in the Morgue]


[AB: This letter – and many others from Emma to her daughter May – is not in the Morgue. As they wrote long, chatty letters to one another regularly, I am only extracting those bits that seem relevant. The originals can be found in the database.]

2L Portman Mansions, W.
Nov. 26, 1906

My darling May,
[…] Sylvia has written to say she would love to see us any day, & so would Arthur […] Of course I shall love to have you at Ramsgate if you care to go. It all goes on fairly well at Egerton House, there is no reason for not going – we will talk about it next week. […] I went to Leinster Galleries on Sat’y to a private view of Mr. Rackham’s drawings for J.M.B.’s book [i.e. Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens] – I met Miss Coles and Colonel Coles there – the crowds were so great and the rooms were so small & hot that I had to leave soon but from the few drawings I saw I thought them charming. Mr Brown introduced me to the artist. […] I suppose you saw that Leslie Stephen’s eldest son had died aged 26 – he got typhoid at Athens & he did reckless things […] Much love darling,
Your loving mother
Emma du Maurier


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