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George Llewelyn Davies To Peter Llewelyn Davies -

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Letter from George Llewelyn Davies to Peter Llewelyn Davies, dated 30 December -1914


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Dear Peter, How goes Skeemers (Skirrimuir?) ? I expect its getting bloodier and bloodier. I haven't little prayers of Thanksgiving that I'm not there still. Are you still permanent fatigue officer? The aeroplane incident must have brightened you up a bit. Did you all skate it across like weed? This is a regular Aunt Margaret letter, but do send me...and that's all. Field days and beach digging up one day at a time. I am billeted in a public house, I am far more comfortable than you at Holer Place. At eight o'clock I shall into the kitchen for my breakfast. The people of the inn are lovely and frightfully kind. I am becoming a most accomplished linguist. Next time we advance on Rue Pacquier I shall be irresistible! In the event of myself being killed, wounded or missing you might communicate with Josephine. A loathsome job for you, or else she won't know it but from the papers. I wonder if you got any leave at Christmas. I did very well in the interval between Skeemers

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