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Harriet Enfield to Arthur Llewelyn Davies - 1890


Letter from Harriet Enfield to her nephew Arthur on his engagement to Sylvia, 25 March 1890.

[No original available]


2, Redington Road,
Hampstead, N.W.
26th March [1890]

My dear Arthur,
I had to read your note over two or three times before I seemed able to take in its delightfully happy news, which came upon me as a complete surprise. Thank you very much for writing to tell me yourself.
You know how I rejoice at any good thing that comes to any of you seven, and I'm sure you think that this is the best thing that could possibly come to you. Of that I cannot judge but I'm sure that whoever has won your heart is a fortunate girl.
I shall be very much pleased if you are able to bring Miss du Maurier to see me before you go, but in any case, if you are too busy to do that, I shall hope to make her acquaintance before long. I little thought that Hampstead had any such attraction for you - or that I had a neighbour who would be so interesting to me.
I think so much of your mother in this first happy event of the kind and of the rejoicing there will be at the Vicarage. After the home party I'm sure there is no one who can more heartily wish you every happiness than your
affectionate aunt, H. E.
You did not answer my other note but I am not surprised and I forgive you.

Harriet Enfield: [There is a space here in Peter's Morgue: he clearly meant to research some background information about his great aunt, but never got around to doing so.]


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