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Harry Llewelyn Davies to Margaret Llewelyn Davies

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Letter from Harry Llewelyn Davies to his sister Margaret, 11 April 1907


The next letter (unposted) from Harry Ll.D., is in a stamped envelope, but with the stamp uncancelled, with “Miss Llewelyn Davies” but no address written on it. Where Margaret Ll.D. was at the time is not clear, nor how the letter eventually reached her.

[Harry Ll.D. to Margaret Ll.D.]

14 Barton Street, Westminster.
11.30 p.m. Friday, 11th April 19 [1907]

Darling Meg,
I am trying to find you with this tonight but don’t know if I shall. Charles went down to B’sted at 8.15 and Scrum [Crompton] followed by the next train. I have just been speaking to Scrum on the phone. He says Arthur is unconscious and not expected to recover consciousness.
We must pray that there may be no pain. My heart is bleeding for you – but there is no time for more if I am to catch you with this.
Agnes and I are going there by midnight train.
How noble and beautiful he has been!
O, my Margaret!
Your own

[Peter's comment:]

I suppose that there had been increasing weakness, and periods of unconsciousness before this, and that by now the feebleness was such that any long period of coma must have looked like the end. But the end was not yet; a further last rally must have taken place within the next day or two.


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