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Henry Crompton to Arthur Llewelyn Davies - 1890


Letter from Charles Crompton to his nephew Arthur on his engagement to Sylvia, 29 March 1890.

[No original available]


42, Mecklenburg Square, W C
Saturday, 29th March 1890

Dear Arthur,
Many-tongued rumour yesterday brought to our ears the agreeable intelligence that you are engaged to be married, but I hardly felt sufficient certitude to write congratulations. This morning, however, a letter from your dear mother gives the certitude and I most heartily congratulate you. May your marriage and your wife be all to you that mine have been to me. I cannot wish you more. You will deserve all the happiness you get. We shall be delighted to see her whenever you like to bring her to us.
I always think that without marriage and the love implied by a real marriage, life is at best but narrow and shrunken, let spinsters and bachelors say what they will.
Wishing both of you all happiness, believe me always
Your affectionate uncle,
Henry Crompton
We are at Churt for the next fortnight, i.e. till this day fortnight.

Peter's comments:

For some notes on Arthur's uncle, Henry Crompton, a younger brother of Charles Crompton, see the earlier part of this record. He was married to Lucy, daughter of 1st Lord Romilly, and had several children. They had a country home at Churt, near Tilford, to which Arthur and his brother often went. He was a barrister.


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