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Henry Crompton to Sylvia du Maurier - 1890


Letter from Henry Crompton (Mary Llewelyn Davies' brother) to Sylvia, 3 July 1890

[No original available]


42, Mecklenburgh Square, W.C.
3 July 1890.

My dear Miss du Maurier,
You will understand how impossible it has been for me to come and see you or indeed ask you here. I have literally done nothing and seen nobody for the last three months.
I leave town for Circuit on Tuesday. Will you come and see us either Monday or Sunday afternoon? If you cannot either of those days, please come and see my wife. I should be sorry to miss you, but she will be glad to see you whenever you come, and she is always in now, as of late she has been very far from well.
I think Arthur has told you that my brother [Charles] has left you a legacy of £100 in his will.
I was so glad to be able to send my sister Mary home on Tuesday. She was quite broken-hearted. The strain of this prolonged anxiety, and then the unexpected end, frustrating all our hopes, has been almost more than she could bear.
Believe me, always
Yours most sincerely,
Henry Crompton.


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