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Hugh Macnaghten to Arthur Llewelyn Davies - 1890

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Eton College, Windsor.
[March 1890]

My dear Arthur,
- for I think it is time that you had your Christian name - I trust you will be as happy as both of you together can wish, and the happiness won't be longer postponed than you deserve - in which case it will come very soon. I wish you every kind of good with all my heart, and please believe it.
Yours affectly,
Hugh Macnaghten.
Love from Brinton.

Peter's comment in the "Morgue":

I take it to have been through his Cambridge friendship with Hugh Macnaghten that Arthur went for a short time to Eton as an assistant master, while he was reading for the Bar. I very much wish I could have found some of his letters from Eton, but there seems no hope of it.
Hugh Macnaghten remained devoted to Arthur and later to Sylvia as well, and was a good friend to the four of us who were his pupils: one of whom proved a sad disappointment to him. He wrote a poem in memory of Arthur which I will quote if I can lay my hands on a copy. He will recur later on various occasions.
Hubert Brinton, I suppose, had also become a friend while Arthur was an assistant master at Eton. Both George and I stayed at his house when we went up for the Scholarship Examination there. He came to dislike me later, doubtless with every justification.

[AB: Hugh Macnaghten was to play a huge part in the lives of George and Michael Llewelyn Davies, who were to be in Macnaghten's House at Eton (Peter being a scholar boarded separately). Macnaghten became vice-provost of Eton in 1920.

In 1924 Macnaghten published "Fifty Years of Eton", being a collection of essays devoted to various aspects of the school. One of the chapters was entitled "Representative Etonians": ten old Etonians, including Lord Salisbury and Lord Roberts. Of the remaining eight, one was Michael Davies.

Hugh Macnaghten drowned himself in August, 1929.


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