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J M Barrie to Alexander Jeans - 1909


Letter from J M Barrie to Alexander Jeans, 10 June 1909.


I think I should feel flattered by your keeping that letter. I had forgotten it, and what amazes me about it is that I dared think I could sub-edit the paper. I wouldn’t dare apply now.

But please excuse my not writing the line you speak of. I do wish the paper long continued success, but in this age of over publicity I think writers should keep out of print when they can, and I try to live up to this.

I hope I wrote a better hand in 1884.

[Hilda Trevelyan, the ‘Wendy’ of 1907-8, let Mr Jeans’s son, Mr Ronald Jeans, into the secret of an extra act to Peter Pan to be played for one performance only at the end of that season’s run. Mr Ronald Jeans’s notice – the only one – of the extra act, in the Liverpool Post, was sent to Barrie by his father.]

{Taken from “The Letters of J M Barrie”, edited by Viola Meynell, Peter Davies Publishing, 1942}


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