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J M Barrie to Arthur Quiller-Couch - 1892


Letter from J M Barrie to Arthur Quiller-Couch (‘Q’), dated 26 June 1892 and written from Anchor Cottage, Shere, Surrey:


My dear Couch,

I am glad you are something better. Was beginning to fear otherwise as I could only trace you through the Speaker1 where rather I could not trace you. I have had as it were to begin the world again since I saw you, for in the death of the man my sister was to marry the one great ambition of my life ends.2 She is with me here, or rather what is left of her.

We came from Scotland a week ago. I have seen no one as yet. I see Barry Pain complaining to the press that his name is the same as mine. We may be here a month or so. After that I don’t know. We may go to the sea. Is it possible to get rooms in your neighbourhood? My sister is not able to see a soul, but that would give me a chance of seeing you. She can’t stay with friends. All the future is uncertain but this seems a possible thing. Let me know. With best regards to Mrs Couch,

Yours ever,

J. M. Barrie

{Taken from "The Letters of J M Barrie", edited by Viola Meynell, Peter Davies Publishing, 1942}


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