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J M Barrie to Arthur Quiller-Couch - 1894


Letter from J M Barrie to Arthur Quiller-Couch (‘Q’), 7 November 1894


My dear Couch,

Being at present without any home in particular, liking your quarter of the world, eager to see yourselves, and itching to smash that there boy, we propose a descent on Fowey. This is to ask if you know of or can get to know of any rooms in the place that would be satisfactory to settle down in—probably for a month or two.

The sort of thing we want would be two sitting-rooms, one of them such as I could work in and smoke in, and a good bedroom. An extra bedroom would be an advantage in case anyone came to see us. Also we have a dog*, which needs a bit of garden ground to grow in, which he does a foot or so a night. Comfort and cleanliness is really all that is essential. We might come early next week so please let me hear by return.

Yours ever,

J M Barrie

* A huge St Bemard, at first called Glen, later Porthos.

{Taken from “The Letters of J M Barrie”, edited by Viola Meynell, Peter Davies Publishing, 1942}


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