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J M Barrie to Gerrie Llewelyn Davies - 1920

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Letter from J M Barrie to Jack Llewelyn Davies' wife Gerrie, 9 April 1920


9 April 1920

My dear Gerry,
I have asked the most likely man I can think of to try to find out whether it would be possible for you to get out to Jack and will let you know as soon as he can give me any news. But it does not seem hopeful as he says travelling by land would be too risky even if permission was got, and to go by sea would be a matter for the Admiralty. We are still in a state of war with Turkey, so that the possibilities are quite different from what they would be with Germany for instance. It is trying for you both to be so far apart and I am so sorry letters reach you so irregularly. I have not heard from Jack at all but I expect that eagerly as he must be longing to see you he wouldn’t like you to risk such a venture just now.


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