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J M Barrie to Gerrie Llewelyn Davies - 1920

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Letter from J M Barrie to Gerrie Llewelyn Davies, 18 April 1920


My dear Gerry,
Just got your letter. I had been instigating enquiries, and got the information that it was possible to get to Constantinople by boat if Admiralty passes were obtained, but that they were not granted except in cases of great urgency, especially to ladies, and that your case could not be considered as such. So that even without the monetary objection it wasn’t a promising scheme. It is of course dull for you but  a brave heart carries one along and if June is to see them back it is not very far off.
I have still to write left-handed but have no trouble with the other now. M[ichael] and N[ico] are in Wales but get back on Tuesday. The play is a creepy sort of affair and probably too sad for the public taste, but we’ll soon know now.
My love


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