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J M Barrie To Michael Llewelyn Davies - 1906

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Barrie's alphabet letter to Michael, who was sick in bed at Egerton House in Berkhamsted. Sent from Leinster Corner and dated January 7th, 1906.


A's any Asses that don't love my Mick,
B's what I fling at them, namely a Brick.
C's Combinations, with Michael inside,
D's Normandy's Dives where he once did reside.
E's Evian water, his favourite drink.
F is his Friend – who is that, do you think?
G stands for George, his elderly brother.
H for 14 and 2, that alarmed his mother.
I stands for Imp, which applies to the lot of you.
J is for Jack, who is sometimes too hot for you.
K is for Kads who don't do as you wish,
L's the eel caught at Dives when we went out to fish.
M's your dear Mary, who's always awake,
N's Nick, who's your sweet mother's smallest mistake.
O's the Oil you are told for to take like a man,
P stands for Peter, and Peter for Pan.
Q are the Questions Mick asks for to pose me,
R my Replies, which are vain, for he knows me.
S stands for Sylvia, Michael's delight,
T is his Tu'penny when tucked in at night.
U is U silly who are reading this letter,
V is your Vanity, you couldn't do better.
W's old Wilk, who is still trouncing boys,
X is the X's sent Mick with his toys.
Y is the Yawns I give till we meet,
Z are the Zanies who are not at his feet.


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