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J M Barrie to Thomas Moult - 1928

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Letter from Barrie to the writer Thomas Moult, who had sent him a copy of his short, somewhat run-of-the-mill book, "Barrie" (Scribners, 1928).

I adapted the text of this letter for one of the earliest scenes with Barrie in "The Lost Boys".


Private. 4 March 1928

Dear Mr Moult,
Thank you for your letter and the copy of the book. Your estimate of the importance of my stories and plays is an absurdly high one and does more credit, my dear Mr Moult, to your heart than to your head. But it is all very kind, and now, sir, go and read works of real worth, including Ibsen, who I assure you is a mghty man. With my very best wishes and regards,
Yours sincerely,
J M Barrie


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