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to Audrey Lucas - 1921


To wish you a very happy Christmas. I send my wishes off in good time as I am not sure how long they take to journey to California. There are many things in this flat that remember you well, chairs, pictures, books (even the lift was asking after you the other day) and they all send the season's greetings and will be glad when you return. It is of course a very different flat from what it was until the 19th of May. All the world is different to now. Michael was pretty much my world. I can still care for those who cared for him, and you are one of them.... Nicholas is a terrific gun at school now and little boys tremble as he strolls by (with an eye on them to see that they tremble).... One night this week, about 2 in the morning, the embankment suddenly lit up as if lightning had come to stay. In time it dawned on me that the cinema might be at work so out I went and found them doing "London Nights". I was taken (with a crowd) drinking coffee at a stall, and am told I figured therein in a picture in the Daily Mirror.


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