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to E V Lucas - 1921


How would it be if I came over on Friday the 30th for the weekend? ... I seem to have got into a listlessness that makes it very difficult for me to take any initiative, and sometimes feel that if I get into a train by myself I might without thinking get out at some place on the way and drift from view.... Our time at Stanway was the best I think we could have had, and there was so much for Nicholas to do that he was mostly happy. He is sometimes overwhelmed by what he has lost and is a touching boy at such times. He is away at present at a boy's house, and goes back to Eton on Wednesday where he is now in Pop &c, and a very important person. Cynthia is still at Stanway. I am dining with E.V. tomorrow to meet Charlie Chaplin. Quality Street is doing enormous business but I have not seen it.


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