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to Maude Adams - 1919


That love story! Well, I still hope to get at it, but the days pass the weeks, the months, and I am in a sort of the dead-alive condition -- without your excuse for it. Perhaps I am now played out. Alack a day! But I have had these terrible spells before now, and hope to get past this one. I think the chief thing against me is that I seem to have ceased to believe in my knowledge of human nature. I find people so different from what I had thought them that it brings me to the ground. I am too lonely (I wrote the word as if it were "lively" -- ah that it were! I have Thomas Hardy staying with me just now and he is much more lively than he used to be that perhaps there is hope for me in my old age. Do soon get well, and that will cheer me up. My love


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