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to Mrs Hugh Lewis - 1915


(Cuilfail Hotel) I wish there were a few more like you, but it is perhaps better that you should remain unique. I wish we could hurl ourselves straight upon Glan Hafren, but we shall be here till the 8th and that only gives us an exact week before Michael returns to school, and we need that time in London. It shows how we must have talked of you that he (the dark and dour and impenetrable) has announced to me that he wants to go to see you. I was never so staggered. It has been rather grim in Scotland this year. The Highlands in many glens are as bare of population owing to the war as if this were the month before Creation. I have just Michael and Nicholas with me and they feel it too, but they climb about, fishing mostly, and if you were to search the bogs you would find me in one of them loaded with waterproofs and ginger beer. We are just off in intense excitement to have our hair cut.


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