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to Mrs Hugh Lewis - 1918


Just got your letter as I have been a fortnight in France and got back only last night. I thought of your drawing-room fireplace -- time about 11 PM, and our talks there -- on "Armistice Night" which I spent in Paris. By far the most memorable thing there was the happy faces. Everyone seemed to have changed permanently in the night, and what the faces, as well as the cries said, was "It is finished" rather than "we have won". I was at Verdun (spent a night in the citadel, 40 feet underground), Ypres and a lot of places, came back dazed from motoring 200 or more miles a day.... So it actually is ended! It was dear of Peter to say that about Michael. You can guess how thankful I am. I don't think he will be wanted for the army now, and I'm going to Eton on Sunday (Nico's birthday) to "go into his future". He writes "I'll do anything you like. PS. How about my going round the world?" They marched at Eton with their bath-tubs as drums and the night ended with Michael getting 500 lines! (For standing on his head on a roof when he should have been in bed, or something of the kind.)


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