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to Mrs Oliver - 1932


It is not so good in London as at Edgerston though it is quieter. No swarms of people at tea for instance. In fact it is rather a desert island. I see there has been a "cruise" to Robinson Crusoe's island and that it is alleged they went to the wrong island. I believe Defoe was thinking of London when he chose his island. ... The express is the most beautifully fitted train I have ever seen, but it was taking me in the wrong direction. The only person in my carriage was a terrific swell about seed potatoes. He introduced himself by showing me his advertisement in the Scotsman, and we talked about seed potatoes for many hours. Next to him I am now the greatest living authority on seed potatoes. I don't mean that he tired me, he made it most interesting, and I see now that seed potatoes are more important than Ottawa.


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