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to Charles Turley Smith - 1911


I am always glad to see your writing tho' I cannot read it.... I have been visiting at Campden Hill for a longish time owing to one thing and another. For one, Jack had his operation in May that kept him from joining his ship for a time.... I have been teaching Michael to bicycle, running up and down the quieter thoroughfares of Campden Hill and feeling what it must be like at the end of a marathon race. Have also taken him to a garden in St John's Wood where an expert teaches fly fishing on a lawn. I saw a little of the Eton and Harrow match, but Harrow were so slovenly in the field it was poor sport. Pity George didn't get in but I expect he will next year. Peter is bowling very promisingly also. We are going for seven weeks or so beginning of August to Scourie in the west of Sutherland. 630 miles rail, then a drive 44 miles. The nearest small town is father than from here to Paris in time. Nothing to do but fish, which however is what they want.... I have nearly finished my P. Pan book.


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