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Nico Llewelyn Davies to Mary Hodgson - 1958

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Dearest Mary, Bless you for my birthday letter and photograph which I remember well -- tho had worried it was Kakus (?) &amp; Mrs. Wellesley. Talking of JMB and some of his titled friends, did you see Lady (Nan) Lucas' death, announced this week. It's true I hardly remember her, my now vivid recollection being of her wonder legged mother and his animal at (I think) Auhuinusuidh, I having been carefully witnessed not to stare at his limping etc, rushing to meet him and my otherwise words were &quot;Can I see your wooden leg?&quot; And he had delightfully took me up this bedroom and started to unwrap his leg, but a spare! Do you remember? <br /> <br /> The Lady Nan Ino Cooper nee Lucas died in 1958:,_10th_Baroness_Lucas

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