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Peter Llewelyn Davies to Mary Hodgson - 1949

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Dear Mary,<br /> You don’t say anything of yourself— I trust all is well with you.<br /> The three boys I am glad to say flourish. Rivvy is too tall: very nearly my height already though only 15 1/2. George looks like going the same way. Both are, in the bookish line, deplorable, but nice and good and satisfactory otherwise. Peter though taller than average may with luck not be exaggeratedly so. He is quite bright at his books and in consequence inclined to be rather pert— as I dare say I may have been myself. He’s a lot of fun though. They don’t squabble among themselves as much as we did, thank heaven. Perhaps it’s because they aren’t as well fed. Nor, I fear, do they have such a good time as we did in those halcyon days.<br /> George is so backward that we are taking him away from his boarding preparatory school and sending him to a sort of tutorial place not far from our house in the hope that it may bring him on a bit. It’ll be nice for Peter to have G. at home with him. And nice for their mother and me too, and I think Mildred.<br /> All love to you dear Mary <br /> Peter

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