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Mary Llewelyn Davies to Arthur Llewelyn Davies - 1

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Letter from Mary Llewelyn Davies to her son Arthur on his engagement to Sylvia, 25 March 1890


Kirkby Lonsdale,
25th March, 1890

My very dear Arthur,
Your news awakes my warmest sympathy, and I am thankful indeed that so great a happiness has come to you. I need not tell you how near to my heart anyone will be to whom you have given yours. We all long to know your Sylvia. I can't half tell you how glad I am for you - I have the greatest confidence in your choice and I am very sure we shall all love her dearly.
I have felt pretty sure, dearest, for some time, from various little things you have said, that there was someone, but who it was I could not tell. I am so glad I know now and that I can share in your joy.
I kept your letter to myself as R. S. S. was here all breakfast-time, and made tea in a sort of dream! And then I went into the study and told your father. He will write himself to you if he has time when he and Tony come in from a long walk. He rejoices for you, and is full of interest. We both feel that you will have need of patience in the waiting there must be before you, and also in the separation which you will find trying. But I can quite believe that to you all looks very different now, and the thought of Liverpool far less depressing now that you have such an object to work for. How happy I am for you, darling!
Do tell us more about her - and when may we look for you both?
With tender love, your ever loving,
What does Charley say? I have not written to Maurice and Harry, thinking you may like to tell them yourself.


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